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Spring : Injecting Prototype Beans Into Singleton Instance

Introduction: In the Spring framework when we inject a prototype bean into a singleton bean, it still behaves as a singleton. It’s known as prototype-bean injection problem. In this tutorial, we’ll learn ways in which we can inject a prototype instance into a singleton bean in Spring. It’s a scenario we’re most likely to encounter […]

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Spring Http Request Logging

Introduction: Logging the Http requests in a web application is a very common requirement. In this tutorial, we’ll learn to log all our incoming Http requests in Spring framework. To follow along with the tutorial, we assume that the reader has an understanding of spring-core and Logback. Using CommonsRequestLoggingFilter: A pretty simple way to log […]

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Spring Retry – How to use it ?

¬†Introduction to Spring Retry : While writing code for enterprise-level applications, we often interact with many external systems usually via web service call. There is a high possibility of temporary network glitches in the process like momentary loss of connectivity with the server due to high network traffic or any other such self-correcting faults. For […]

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